About Me

"Don't be ridiculous. Everybody wants to be us!" The Devil Wears Prada

"Don't be ridiculous Andrea. EVERYBODY wants to be us" Devil Wears PRADA

I live and breathe fashion. I could never understand why anyone would buy clothes that are generic, uneventful or straight up unflattering. You don’t need to be an extravagant peacock but you know the feeling when you are in the fitting room and you try on that one piece that instantly makes you feel amazing. It feels like you won the clothing lottery, like it was created for you!  Like you are going to keep it forever.  Don’t ever spend money on anything less than that.

In my fashion choices, I like to drift towards the unique. Mainstream is easy and frankly I’m severely allergic to it.  

 I would like to feature all things that make a woman or a man stand out in the crowd. People ask me where do I the get the gems that I get. I have my ways... And I'm willing to share